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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Aunt Jenny is coming for dinner tonight. Mike and his little sister, Maggie, are going to the market with their mother, Mrs Tan, to buy some fish and vegetables. Maggie brings her teddy bear along in its little toy basket.
"Come and buy my fish. They are very fresh!" shouts the fishmonger.
Mrs Tan looks around and buys two fish and says to Mike, "Here, put them in our plastic bag." Mike says "I like fish, Mom. We will have fried fish and fish soup for dinner."
At the vegetable stall, Mrs Tan points to some fresh spinach. The stall-keeper picks a bundle from his basket and wraps it up.Maggie likes cabbage, so Mrs Tan also buys some cabbages. Mike puts all vegetables in their bag and carries them.
On the way home, Mrs Tan asks Maggie, "How is your teddy bear, dear?"
"Shh, he's asleep." she whispers. She is very happy because this is the first time she goes to the market.

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