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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


John Baines is an environmentalist. He is interested in all things to do with the environment and the need to protect it. Two years ago, he got his bicycle out of the garage and repaired it, and now he uses it as much as possible. He uses his car less. He tries to do ten percent fewer miles every year, so last year he drove eleven thousand miles, and this year he's going to try to do only ten thousand. This doesn't mean he travels less, this means he walks more. When he does shopping, he always walks now. He uses public transport when he can, usually going by bus. His car runs on unleaded petrol because it's cheaper and it keeps the air cleaner. About in the home, he saves as much as he can. He doesn't throw rubbish away. He has different bags for different things. One bag has all the cans going into it, from the cat food to the beer. The second bag has all the papers going into it, and the third bag has bottles such as oil bottles, wine bottles. But the milk bottles still go on the doorsteps so that they can be reused. He takes these bags to places where they can be recycled.

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