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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Mark's favourite pastime is visiting the pet shop. He likes pets very much, so he wants to raise some of them. However, his parents don't allow him to raise any animal in their house. Thus, on the way home from school, Mark usually goes into the pet shop. There are so many sums to do. He sees white mice and rabbits, parrots and goldfish. There are three black kittens and a puppy in a small box. He moves very slowly and quietly because he doesn't want to scare them. He loves kitten the most. He looks at the kittens, touches them and talks to them. He often goes to the pet shop, so the kittens get familar with him. They aren't scared of him as well. Mark also likes puppy and rabbit. They are so lovely. He is trying to persuade his parents to raise a kitten. His parents are considering. They said that if he got good studying result, they would allow him to raise one. Therefore, he is studying very hard now.


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