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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Foods that help us stay healthy
Some people do not care about what foods they should eat to stay healthy, but still, it is good to know what benefits certain foods can provide.
Starting with bananas, in many diets, eating bananas is not recommended, because it is a fruit that can make us gain weight. However, bananas contain kali that can help us control blood pressure and also strengthen the digestive system by protecting our stomach from acids.
Avocados, traditionally in parts of Latin America, are used as a natural remedy for dilating blood vessels allowing blood to flow better. Besides, its high content of vitamin E helps fertility.
Celery is good for calming the nervous system. Celery also helps detoxify the body caused by cigarette smoking and helps control high blood pressure. If celery is eaten daily it will help us lose weight.
Carrots have great potential to prevent cancer, combating constipation and reduce cholesterol. Lemons which contain high amounts of vitamin C, are excellent for detoxifying the liver. Garlic helps fight harmful bacteria and increase our resistance.

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