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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television
Television is a very important form of communication; however, it also brings both positive and negative influences, directly into our homes.
There are many television shows on the air that are informative and educational. The right television shows can teach our children about morals and values as well as right from wrong. Besides, public television as well as cable television channels such as National Geographic and The History Channel also serve as learning tools for adults. In fact many colleges and universities use local channels to provide distance learners the opportunity to attend lectures given on television.
Along with the advantages listed above, there are also disadvantages to television. Many channels provide opportunities for children to be exposed to more inappropriate content. It is not difficult for children to have access to programs intended to be viewed only by mature audiences and they are easily affected by violence and sex scenes. Moreover, if pupils spend too much time on watching television, they will become lazy and it affects their eye-sight. They do not pay any attention to their studies which will affect their educational career.
In conclusion, in spite of all these disadvantages, I think the advantages of television definitely outweigh the disadvantages. In the field of education and entertainment television's vast importance cannot be denied.

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