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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


My name is Lisa. I am 12 years old. I am in class 6 at Raffle Secondary School. It is a big and beautiful school. The school has a very tall gate with the name "Raffle Secondary School". After the gate, there is a big yard with many trees. Students love reading books, playing or chatting under the trees during recess. There is also a big playground with many wings next to school yard.Many students can play on the wings during recess. There are 20 classrooms in my school. Each classroom has 30 desks, 6 lights, a black board, a teacher's table and a clock. All of us try to keep our classrooms clean. Each class has from 25 to 30 students. Students have right to choose their seats and I often sit on the first line because I can listen to the lesson more clearly.I learn about many interesting things at school, so I always want to go to school every day. I love my school.

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