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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Laura was born in Padua, a lovely, old town in Italy, but now she lives in Germany with her husband and their four children. However, her husband isn’t German, he’s English. He works in the Finance Department of an international company in Stuttgart. Their children are all bilingual. They speak English and Italian, but at home they usually speak Italian, even with their father. And now they’re learning German at school and from their friends. They’re very lucky!
Laura and her family live in a big, old flat in the middle of Stuttgart, near the park. The flat has got six rooms, a large kitchen and two bathrooms. There’s a living- room, a dining-room, a small study and three bedrooms. The two boys are twelve and ten and they share a bedroom. The two girls are eight and six and share another bedroom. The girls like to share a bedroom, but the boys don’t.
Laura doesn’t go out to work. She wants to take an intensive German course first. Her husband, Douglas, often has meetings in the USA, and then Laura is alone with the children. But that’s not a problem for Laura because she makes friends very easily. She’s already got a small group of international friends from Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, and, of course, Italy, and they often meet for coffee and a chat.

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