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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


A newspaper has been defined as a printed material that contains news for the Public. Every newspaper tries to publish its identity and win the loyalties of its readers through the presentation of its material in the shape of stories, cartoon pictures and words. Almost every newspaper lives on criticism and exposure of those who abuse their authority and resort to corruption in many ways.

It is through the newspapers, the policies and action of the Government are conveyed to the people and in turn people give opinion and criticize them. In this way, newspapers are a chain of action and reaction. In a Democracy, the role of press is of great importance as it makes the public aware about important political issues.

They play a positive and constructive role. Certain newspapers indulge themselves in sub-standard journalism and exploit vulnerable people. Instead of harmony and concord, they create disharmony and discord. The newspapers have a noble mission of enlightening people, broadening their views and discouraging communal trends. The newspaper can make and break Governments. In reality, the newspaper is the watchdog of human rights, which we call the fourth Estate in the age of Democracy. It is the pioneer of the underdog and downtrodden. It is one of the strongest pillars of a free nation.

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