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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


On most Sunday afternoon, The Smiths like to laze in their living room. It is a cosy and comfortable place. Mr Smith usually reads the newspapers. He can sit on his favourite armchair for hours without moving. Mrs Smith prefers to tend to her flowers in the garden. Sometimes, she admires them from the window.
John, the elder child, enjoys reading books. He likes to lie on the sofa with his pet dog, Bongo, next to him. Bongo eats a lot and loves to sleep near its master. It has been with the Smiths for ten years. Jane likes to watch television. She never misses her favourite programme - "Mr Bean". Sometimes, she helps her mother water the flowers in the garden. They both like flowers. The Smiths prefer to stay at home on Sundays. They do not like outdoor activities, neither do they enjoy shopping.

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