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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Weekend Sports
(in the restaurant, two friends speaking)
Susan: Oh, this is lovely. Would you like to try some?
Christine: No thanks, Susan. I'm really enjoying my pasta!
Susan: So, do you want to play tennis this weekend?
Christine: I'm afraid I can't play tennis.
Susan: NO, are you joking? I'm sure you can play tennis. EVERYBODY can play tennis.
Christine: Well, I can't. BUT I can play golf.
Susan: Really, I can play golf, too. - but not very well.
Christine: I have an idea. Why don't we play tennis this weekend and then next weekend golf?
Susan: OK, that's a good idea. You don't play tennis - I don't play golf. We both can learn a new sport!
Christine: That's it. I think it's a brilliant idea!
Susan: Now, tell me about your new job. When do you start?
Christine: Next week. I'm in the accounting department. I make telephone calls to the banks, check the accounts, keep records... that sort of thing.
Susan: It sounds like an excellent job.
Christine: How is your job?
Susan: Oh, it's OK. It's boring. I work at the computer all day long, each and every day at the computer.
Christine: I'm sure it isn't so bad!

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