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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


In Australia, most children bring lunch boxes to school because the school canteens are not always open. The canteens are managed by volunteers, which means they are only open on days when volunteers are available. Therefore, lunch boxes are necessary for school children.
Most children get sandwiches and fruit in their lunch boxes. Sometimes, they even get a schocolate bar. However, poor Benny gets only a Vegemite sandwich and nothing else. His mother is very busy with seven children. Preparing seven lunch boxes is not easy for her in early hours of every day. She just wants to make something that really simple and cheap. Benny feels miserable eating the same thing every day, but there is nothing much he can do about it.
During lunch hours, when the children gather around exchanging food items in their boxes, but poor Benny is always left out. His Vegemite sandwich is not worth much in these barter trades. Unless he has a piece of cake or a muffin, there is no way anyone would trade his Vegemite sandwich for a bar of chocolate.
Benny and his siblings have been begging his mother for a change of menu. His mother relented, and now she only makes peanut butter sandwiches instead of Vegemite ones.
Note: Vegemite

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