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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Put the following into indirect speech. The first ten questions require no change of order: 
He said, 'What is happening?' 
He asked what was happening. 
1 'What happened to Mr Budd?' said one of the men. 
2 'Which of his sons inherited his estate?' asked another. 
3 'Who is going to live in the big house?' enquired a third. 
4 'What will happen to his racehorses?' asked someone else. 
5 'Which team has won?' asked Ann. 
6 'Which team won the previous match?' said Bill. 
7 'Who is playing next week?' he asked. 
8 'Who will be umpiring that match?' asked Tom. 
9 'Who wants a lift home?' said Ann. 
10 'Who has just dropped a Ј10 note?' I asked. 
11 'Where is the ticket office?' asked Mrs Jones. 
12 'What shall I do with my heavy luggage?' she said. (Use should.) 
13 'What platform does the train leave from?' asked Bill. 
14 'When does it arrive in York?' he asked. 
15 'When was the timetable changed?' I asked.
16 'Why has the 2.30 train been cancelled?' said Ann.
17 'How much does a day return to Bath cost?' Mrs Jones asked. 
18 'Why does the price go up so often?' she wondered. 
19 'How can I get from the station to the airport?' said Bill. 
20 'When are you coming back?' I asked them. 
21 Is a return ticket cheaper than two singles?' said my aunt. 
22 'Do puppies travel free?' asked a dog owner. 
23 'Can I bring my dog into the compartment with me?' she asked.
24 'Does this train stop at York?' asked Bill.
25 'Can you telephone from inter-city trains?' said the businessman.
26 'Does the 2.40 have a restaurant car?' he enquired.
27 'Can you get coffee on the train?' asked my aunt.
28 'Do they bring it round on a trolley?' she said.
29 'Are there smoking compartments?' said the man with the pipe.
30 'Have you reserved a seat?' I asked him.
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